Using Ride Share in Las Vegas - Uber or Lyft

Paige Tyler

Ride Share Vegas Edition

We were just in Las Vegas recently and decided not to rent a car for the first time ever and I think it was a great decision.  We used Uber exclusively for the 4 days we were there at least a dozen times.  We find this service to be super convenient and affordable overall. We eliminate the expense of renting a car, parking fees and hassle.

We started at the airport where it can be tricky!

But here is exactly what you do if using Terminal 1.

Once you have collected your bags from luggage claim find the baggage carousels 7 and 9.  They are located on the right-hand side near the back of the building.  The doors that lead outside IN BETWEEN these two carousels is where you need to exit.

Once you are outside on the sidewalk you need to make your way across the crosswalks and they are very busy.  We had a traffic guide who stopped the cars and let us cross.  But when you have a lot of travelers trying to cross the street right there, it may seem chaotic.

You are making your way towards the elevators (or the stairs if you are brave) and you want to get the level marked with 2M.  Once you are off the elevator at the 2M level you will see a crowd of people and cars.  This is where you meet your driver and can be on your way!

Vegas Airport Map for Ride Share

We happened to stay right on the Strip in Vegas but we also used Uber at the hotels on Freemont Street and a few more obscure locations. I noticed that the hotels and casinos have put up signs that will lead you to the right place to meet your driver.  They have clearly marked signs in the casinos and hotels that tell you where to go with the word RIDESHARE.

Though we found that not all drivers were clear on where the rideshare location was, they would call and ask for landmarks.  And every time we found our driver within a reasonable amount of time. The hotels do not let the Ride Share drivers come right to their front door like they do taxis which is fine with me.  We found the signage to be fine at most of our locations.

Another great aspect of using the rideshare programs is all the extra people you get to meet in Vegas (though I just now realized that we didn’t get a ride with one woman. They were all men).  We really enjoyed the majority of our drivers and had great conversations with all but maybe 2 of them.  Ask them their favorite tourist tip for Vegas!

Some last quick tips:

  1. Leave yourself plenty of time.  Many times our phone said our driver was 3-5 minutes away but it was more like 10.  That worked out fine because we were never in a big hurry. If that is the case, then you should just get a more expensive taxi and plan better next time!
  2. Be prepared for almost any kind of car to pick you up.  We rode in trucks, sedans, suvs and everything in between. But every single one of them were immaculately clean.
  3. Be prepared to save some big bucks! So much more affordable!!

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