Norwegian Escape Review Part II

Paige Tyler

Norwegian Escape Part II

Now on to the rest of my tale…

I do want to mention that before I even got onto the ship, I purchased an internet package because it was a ‘working’ conference for me. I was required to be connected back to home to my job and family. The internet connection was spotty at best and I did find it entertaining the that the Royal Caribbean representative on this ship made it a point over and over that they have the fastest internet at sea. Anybody could have made it a point and we would have believed it because it was bad! I hope Norwegian listens and fixes it because connectivity is important to many people. You could always get an international plan on your phone for a month and then for very minimal fee, use your phone the 3 days in ports.

But what I really want to talk about this post is the food. I have been known to vacation at certain locations just for the food and drink. Norwegian does a really great job for people who have an adventurous palate. If you are picky — your best bet is to try it and then go to the buffet afterwards if it was a failure.

I happened to be surrounded by picky eaters on this trip and it went ok. Just know you will get to try dishes that aren’t everyday fare and try to enjoy whatever each restaurant presents. The chefs are truly top notch to pull off the feat of feeding 4,000+ three times a day.

The more people you have to feed, the quality of the food seems to go down but I really did not find that to be the case here. There are many restaurants on board that are included in your price or you can step it up and go to the restaurants that cost extra. In order to do that, you must make reservations at one of the many touch screen kiosks on this ship. The reservations did seem to fill up fast, I just went to the place I wanted to eat at the time I wanted to eat and I got in. But that is not a guarantee, try the kiosks first.

But lets look at some of the food served at the restaurants included in the price. They are always 3 courses and you can order more and make it 5 or 6 courses. Whatever you want.

ribs o'sheehan

This was at O’Sheehan’s all you can eat ribs night.


Gorgeous lamb dish in the restaurant Taste

I ate some really delicious ‘foodie’ stuff all week long in the complimentary restaurants. But I also spent some time in the Ala Carte restaurants.

norwegian pincho 2.JPG

Pincho is a lovely bar that serves Tapas — though for 2 days I thought it was a sushi bar, I am glad I finally figured it out and paid it a visit. The food was really good and even delighted my most picky friends.

pinchos 1

pork belly.JPG

Right across from Pincho was a wine bar!

cellars coaster

They have hundreds of bottles of wine to purchase. You can take wine tasting classes here (did you know that red wine changes with the glass shape?) and then get a discount on a bottle of wine you can then take to dinner with you or just to your balcony room! The staff is really helpful and they have iPads that will also help with your selections based on your palette.

cellars wine

Drink wine, people watch and look at the gorgeous chandelier that hangs from the center of the ship.

After eating all this fun food and I didn’t even take one picture of dessert! It’s really not my thing, but it was available and had good reviews also. But know that besides using the stairs you must now go dance off all those calories! Seriously!!

I found a solution at 5’O Clock Somewhere. There was a band playing that had cameras on them and you could watch on monitors around the room. I decided I was going to ‘be on TV’ and dance like American Bandstand!

me on tv

I’m the one with my hands up and my mouth open. Forever young and having a great time. I hope you join me next time!

Once again, the longer out you book a cruise the cheaper it is. The industry has changed and no longer wants to deal with the last minute value-seeking customer. 2018 and beyond are being booked now.

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