Norwegian Escape Cruise Review - My Experience Part 1

Paige Tyler

My Norwegian Escape Cruise Experience PART 1

I had the pleasure of sailing on the Norwegian Escape Inaugural 7-day cruise November 2015 for a working conference. I want to share with you what I liked and disliked about it. No vacation ever goes perfect and we should never expect it to because we will always come away disappointed, but Norwegian Cruise Lines really does not disappoint. Let me just say, I do love that new ship smell that greeted me first thing.

Lets Wander Travel Chandelier

The first few hours of boarding a ship can be pretty chaotic. 4,000 plus people trying to get to the same place all at once makes for long lines and slow elevators. But if you prepare yourself mentally ahead of time and practice stair-climbing, you will be fine.

In fact, I used the stairs 90% of the time on the ship to work off the last meal I had eaten. When I weighed myself upon my return, it wasn’t horrible. Whew! It worked!

This ship is huge and magnificent! All other cruisers on other lines were taking pictures of the beautiful Escape in the ports. Besides its sheer size, there is great art by Guy Harvey all over the ship, and we were lucky to have him aboard this cruise to talk to us about his inspiration and Norwegians pledge to conservation.

Norwegian Escape

I think I will find a chorus of people who would agree with this. When you first get on a ship, find the buffet! And that is what I did! Every ship has one and it is a handy tool to fill in around the edges of your culinary experience.

The Escape’s buffet has gorgeous water views all the way around. There is also so many choices that there is no way you can come away disappointed or hungry. When we first arrived to the buffet we thought it only had about 8 feet of choices, so we picked our items and sat down. But one of our members was like, “no way, there has to be more!” and got up to explore. He came back with hamburgers, ribs, cornbread, french fries, mashed potatoes, pretzel bread, Key Lime Pie, and more on a couple of plates!

There is something for everyone! They also have self-serving wine bars that were not functional as of this cruise, but I’m confident it will be by the time you arrive.

cruise ship view

[Buffet Views]

After eating we explored the ship and all it had to offer. It was raining in Miami at this point so some of the pictures are very wet. There was a mini-golf course, and the ropes course and includes walking the plank. There are water slides and a pool and what the heck, a Margaritaville at Sea!


After taking in all those sites, I was ready to see my room. I made my way down to the 12th floor after figuring out the forward and aft of the ship. I can say that my room was close to the stairs and I did appreciate that fact.

I stayed in a Mini Suite which has a much bigger bathroom than just the regular balcony rooms. It would be a good room for a family of 4 (the couch turns into a bed and a bunk comes down from the ceiling).

Norwegian Balcony Room.JPG

Norwegian bathroom1

Norwegian bathroom 2

[Such a great bathroom for a cruise ship!]

A regular balcony room is perfect for 2 people and does have a decent size bathroom. A mini suite is great for two people (tight with 4) with a trough sink and amazing size shower with 6 spouts to wash your dirty away. I didn’t sit on the couch much— I preferred the bed which is one of the most comfortable I have experienced on vacation, bar none! Especially when that ship was rocking… oh, it lovely. But the couch was sufficient for at least 3 people to sit and excellent for one child to sleep.

The balcony was spacious and the area I preferred when drinking my morning coffee. It was a joy to watch the ship pull into the ports and to see the sights and still feel very private.

I feel that the balcony offers a whole new view of your cruise experience and if you enjoy downtime time or treasure time on your own, then it is a must. On the other hand, if you view your room as only a place to sleep and nothing more, then don’t bother. Just plan to spend a lot of time on the upper decks to not miss the views.

Norwegian Balcony

One more thing about Norwegian’s rooms on the Escape…the coffee pots! The other cruise lines, I had to go up to the top decks early in the morning to find coffee to bring down to my room. I did not like it all. I came prepared with my own coffee mug to go on the hunt early in the morning. Thank you for not making me use it! You other coffee drinkers will understand this for sure. This ship has coffee makers in your room that brews individual cups whenever you want them. Paradise! (This might be an amenity for booking mini-suite cabins)

Until part two… send me your inquiries. I learned that booking a cruise over a year out is NOT too early. The prices are the lowest when you book as far out as possible and last minute deals are no longer the case.


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