Las Vegas for Families - the MOST fun!

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 Las Vegas For Families

I am definitely the subject expert on this place. I have been so many times starting as a child I could not even count. For a year I lived about 1.5 hours away from it in St. George, Utah, which made a day trip fairly easy.

I love recommending it to non-US citizens to put on their bucket list and of course, every American should visit at least once. The place is just crazy amazing and has something for everyone. You don't have to be a gambler or party animal to appreciate what it has to offer.

I would go as far to say, it makes a great location for a family reunion or just a quick getaway vacation with kids.  Besides being totally affordable to fly into, Vegas is very adept at dealing with larger groups of people.  You will have no problem all staying at one location and being able to participate in activities altogether.


This red shoe is at the best hotel on the strip.

I don't think I could ever stay at another place besides here! Also great with kids because you don't get stuck walking through the casinos in order to leave the building.

Vegas offers experiences and when you go, just know your experience will be enhanced the more you try. Here is a list of recent experiences I took part in myself so I have firsthand knowledge that it is fun to do together in a group.

Here is a list of experiences we had together

1. Battlefield Vegas - My kid and husband LOVED this. They would do it again in a heartbeat.  This place is run by a bunch of veterans that love shooting guns.  You can pick which group of guns you want to try firing and they put all together for you.  You can go on the range as a spectator if you do not want to take part in the shooting. This place also has a lot full of military vehicles you can check out.  They will even pick you up and drive you back to the hotel so you can save on those Ubers costs.


2. Dig This - This place is an adult sandbox where you can pick your own vehicle and then follow instructions on things you can do with your vehicle.  My kid dug a huge hole, then filled it up.  Stacked huge tractor tires up on a nice pattern and even played a little basketball.  It was really a nice experience.  There is covered patio for those who just want to watch.


3. Axehole - This cool place is down by Freemont street or the Old Strip. We learned how to correctly throw axes so they would stick into the wood. By the end of the night, the kid could throw 2 at a time and nail it. I was impressed that I could throw an ax correctly with enough skill to be scared of me with 15 minutes of instruction.  And this could be a bit of workout when you get into it.  I know what a tree round in my backyard so I can ax throw when I feel like it.


4. Blue Man Show - honestly I thought the show was weird, but to each their own.  I will for sure say it is a completely appropriate show for the family in which everyone will be entertained.  Another show or exhibit is Bodies also inside the Luxor.  Though it requires a lot of reading to really enjoy the exhibit, it could be a very educational experience for the everyone.


5. Hoover Dam/Lake Meade - it's a relaxing way to spend the day and another educational day learning about one of the great construction wonders of the world.  We had a bus pick us up from our hotel and they drove us out to the dam first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds.  We did a tour, had enough time to hang out before getting back on the bus and going to the lake boat.  The boat took us all around Meade to include a close-up of the damn from the water.  They fed us lunch and had drinks available.  It was a nice day overall and getting outside of the city and into nature makes the trip feel complete.


But there is so much more! The above is easily accomplished in a long weekend with plenty of time spent together as a family.  Just in case you want more ideas of things you can do, here you go

How about:

Ziplining - you can zip line right down the middle of Freemont Street.  You can either zipline sitting or superman style.  With all the lights and fun activities on that street, make ziplining there quite an adventure.

Segways - I have done this before and it was fun to take them to old Vegas and check out it from a Segway.  We also took them to the famous pawn shops to see if we could lay eyes on a reality star celebrity.  We were shown things we would never have seen or known otherwise doing a tour like this.

Food and Drink Tours - so many possibilities here.  We have done pub crawls and there are options to include food since Vegas is the mecca from chef-owned restaurants.  Do this at the beginning of your trip so you know where you want to return to at a later time.

Car Racing - Vegas has plenty of luxury cars to either rent and drive around or race.  You can go out to the racetracks and pick your vehicle and go for a spin.

Grand Canyon Tours - another great way to get out of the city.  There are plenty of tour companies who will pick you up right at your hotel and take you on a grand adventure.  And let me tell you, that red rock is so gorgeous, you will never forget it.

and this list could on and on!

This next time I will personally be seeing the Cirque du Soleil show LOVE by the Beatles. I can't wait! I would also love to see Carrot Top the comedian (not family friendly) but every time I am in town, he seems to be taking that weekend off.  Soon enough though!

Do you have any favorite things to do in Vegas that I have not mentioned above? I would love to hear about it and just know that if you ever plan on going there, I have your back!

Using Uber or Lyft while in Vegas to save you money.

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