Irish Souvenirs

Paige Tyler

I have so much to say about Lets Wander Travel Club's trip to Ireland and I am just now getting around to it.  First, it was wonderful and fun and I really enjoyed myself.  It was the first time I have ever done a guided tour and plan on doing a blog that addresses that aspect of the trip soon.  But first, I think it's always fun to examine everyone's treasures from their trip.  I collected a few of these.
Are you familiar with the designer Orla Kiely?  She has a very distinct style that I can spot from a mile away and I love it! Her items include clothing and accessories that would be so much fun to own.  And there is plenty of choose from.  I found her mainly in department type stores in the larger towns.  If you love her too, you should go to Ireland to make your purchases! =)
And how about Irish food? I missed my chance to pick up my favorite... salt.  I found a small container of salt from one of the islands but didn't purchase because I wanted a larger amount.  Darn it if I never saw it again. But I for sure got Irish butter shortbread cookies.  I saw many suitable for suitcases items from Guinness also. 
And these Irish wool blankets? I was lusting over them for sure.  They were all mainly plaid with pastel colors.  This pink one jumped out at me.  Along with the socks.  They are great for your winter boots and they last forever.
And something I collect from every country.... cookbooks.  I picked up 3! And I also went to a local celebrity chef's cooking school outside of Dublin.  It was the perfect opportunity to get my favorite souvenir.  And I can recreate a little bit of Ireland back home and we can relive the memories
And last, a fisherman's sweater.  The styles were plentiful but the colors were mainly neutral.  This was the brightest one I could find.  Don't you love it?
Do you want to go to Ireland?
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