Gifts for the Traveler

Paige Tyler

Gifts for the Traveler

I love writing about gifts because I myself love receiving them! And every time I hit the road there are several items that I can't live without. My only other wish besides those items that I list below is that I had one extra of every single one of them that is dedicated to just travel. Meaning, I would never have to take them out of my suitcase because I also need that item for around the house.

1. Travel Cubes: I love these to keep all my clothing organized in my suitcase. Quite often, my suitcase it not full and after a rough trip through a couple of airplanes, when I open my suitcase up- it is a complete disaster. These cubes keep everything organized and then you can easily pull them out of your suitcase to put on a shelf or in drawers if you are cruising. I typically organize mine putting the same type of items in each cube. For example, all shirts together, all bathing suites in another etc. You could get different colors for each family member. They are so worth it.

2. Travel Phone Charger: This is something I struggle with every single trip through an airport. I am always conscious of trying to save my battery power or being near an electrical outlet, etc. It gets old! The best scenario is to have 2-3 of these little guys on hand to keep your phone and other smaller devices charged.

3. Travel First Aid Kit: You this essential especially when traveling to other countries. It is not as easy to get your hands on just the basics that we can here. And when you need something as simple as cold medicine it is so frustrating that you can't get it. Or you have to pay an exorbitant price to do so. It is an easy fix! Put together a kit with all the basics and more! Think of other things like indigestion, bug bites and there was that one time when I needed an Benadryl like no tomorrow!

4. Small blanket or large pashmina shawl: How many times have you been caught without one and thought how much you love to have it? Like when your plane neighbor is blasting the air and you are freezing. Or you just need to lay your head down and need something to act as a pillow. The bigger the better and also extra points if it is super thin so it packs in your bag easily.

5. Cord Organizer: I don't own this yet but is on my Christmas list this year. It is something I wrestle with every trip. Trying to find where I stuff my cord and then where are my earphone. So frustrating. I think this solution would solve that dilemma and look good at the same time!

Of course the best gift of all is the gift of travel! The gift of memories to savor for the rest of your lives.

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