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Paige Tyler

Kids Sleeping in Barn in Slovenia

[All the kids slept in the hay barn together- huge slumber party]

Oh, the best kind of travel is those with your friends… or your soon to be friends!

For years, long before I ever owned Lets Wander Travel, I spent a great deal of time convincing friends to travel with me and/or my family. In my opinion, it made the best memories to experience the wonders of the world together. It has cemented from serious friendships and of course, some of the best stories. 

Here are 5 of the top reason why you should consider group travel:

  1. You are never alone.  If you are a single or don’t travel with your partner, you would love group travel.  You can just plug into one of our groups and make a whole new circle of friends.  You will never regret adding people who share your passion to your inner circle.
  2. You just have to show up.  The trip has already been planned and it is just as simple as showing up and be ready to have some fun and engage with others.  Of course, keep in touch with your organizer but it couldn't be easier as far as travel goes. 
  3. Group travel is more affordable.  It’s true.  When a group travels together, the tour operators love it and in turn provide discounts or extra amenities for the group.   To take advantage, you just need to join us.  Each trip will have different benefits that are not available to just anyone. 
  4. Get out of your comfort zone.  I have this photo as wallpaper on my phone that is a picture that I took of a graffitied statement that says, “Your comfort zone will kill you.”

Group travel is a great way to help push you out of your comfort zones but at the same time knowing that there's safety in numbers.

  1. You will have more fun!  And that is the truth.  When you come home and can share all the wonderful memories you made and the new relationships you have forged you will feel an amazing energy that will light you up for weeks.

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