Deep Thoughts by Paige

Paige Tyler

This week my stars lined up! They seriously did. I gained some clarity on several subjects that I have been thinking about a lot. And can I say that most of these realizations came late at night when I was by myself and just in a contemplative mood. Then one thought leads to another... I started writing them down in a flurry because I knew I would lose them if I did not record them right away. Oh my gosh, it was just so good.

Have you experienced this before? Great ideas in the shower? Right before you fall asleep? Perhaps just doing the mundane chores like laundry or even exercising?

So here is what I now know for sure.

The vacations I enjoy booking the most are parents who are looking for unplugged experiences with their children. The entire reason Lets Wander Travel even exists is to help create memories that slowdown time.

Keith and I did this very thing for our family unit and we want to help others re-create what we did and experienced. Travel truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Because now that they are just about gone (off on their own adventures) we only now have our memories to cherish. The memories that stand out most are not the mundane everyday life ones. In fact, doing the same thing every day is what makes time appear to go by fast. You slow down time by getting out of your zone and experiencing new and fascinating destinations with others.


{I take great pride in the fact that my kids saw the Eiffel Tower with me first}

My goal is to help as many families (and framilies) as possible do this exact thing! And my message is going to be centered on this and its benefits from this point forward.



Case in Point:

Meet a couple of my clients, Stephanie and Azia. Stephanie intuitively knows that experiences mean far more than physical gifts. She has been planning for months to surprise Azia with a trip to their dream destination for her graduation. You can tell in the picture how excited she is because she is just beaming! Right? And the fun part is several friends and family are going to join them.

{Presenting the gift of travel}

{Azia is so excited}

Stuff like this warms my heart to its very core. In fact it sort makes me weepy. It's just so cool and I am thrilled that I am able to help facilitate what is going to be an amazing, unplugged, bond-building experience for all of them.

So, do you think this is a good turn of events for me? I sure do. It has really invigorated me. I am imagining all the family reunions I am about to have in my near future!! Bring them on!

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