5 Souvenirs I am going to buy in Peru

Paige Tyler

Are you going to Peru and thinking about what to purchase while you are there to remember your bucket list trip? Is Peru even on your bucket list? It needs to be if not and since I will be taking a group there in July I did a bit of research to see what I want to bring home with me. Check out what I came up with below and see if any of these souvenirs would fit the bill for you also.

I prefer souvenirs that are utilitarian in nature and not just shelf-sitters. Because of the nature of my always moving lifestyle, I prefer to keep my home decor to the bare minimum and only surround myself with things I love. The best souvenirs are items that get used up in a short amount of time, or are very useful and bring back the memories when I use them.

I particularly love collecting salt from countries that manufacture it and there is something fun about telling your family and friends that you made them a lovely dish that is sprinkled with French Gray Salt. Food and drink that is legal to pack in my suitcase are always best in my book. But let's see what I can look forward to in Peru.


  1. So, of course, Peruvian Salt called Maras Salt will be on the things I am looking for. It will join the ranks with my French, Slovenian and Polish salt. This salt is harvested from ponds in the Cusco area and built by the Incas thousands of years ago. Look how cool this is and talk about slow, unprocessed food... even salt! What a treasure it will be to cook with this at a later date.
  2. Chocolate and Coffee will also be great fun to bring home possibly as gifts for those who aren’t as lucky as I am to get to Peru. Who doesn’t love these type of gifts that are quickly used up, bring feelings of satisfaction and really, happiness? I plan on tucking at least a few bars of chocolate in my suitcase.
  3. Blankets - have you seen the textiles of Peru that are all handmade, brightly colored, and can even be made from Alpaca warm fur? I have been memorized by these pictures. I plan on purchasing at least one and I have some Ikea generic blankets at home that I will part with in order not to create more space. But these blankets will hold up well and I can easily use outside or take to outdoor sport games.

4. A bottle of pisco (grape vodka) seems definitely appropriate to bring back home. Then I can whip a pisco sour on the weekends with friends and talk about my trip! Haha. I doubt they want to hear about it, but I would love to relive the memories. You can also purchase this at home in a well stocked liquor store, so if you don’t want the hassle of lugging it home, don’t fret.

5. Trinkets- there are a few little things that I am going to have a hard time resisting because they are cute and small. First, the friendship bracelets. My daughter typically always buys a bracelet on her trips and since she is not coming on this vacation, I will probably pick her up one. But I love them and will for sure get one for myself. I am also thinking one of these handwoven scarves would be a delight and I will exchange it out for a scarf I already have and no longer love.

And a Christmas ornament is a must. I will pick up the first one I just love to pieces and put it away as soon as I get home only to revisit our memories again at Christmas time.

And lastly, I will be collecting another stamp in my passport and a ton of memories from traveling with family and friends. I anticipate a great time.

Any chance you would like to join us? It is down the wire now, but here is the information if you would like to join us July 2018 for a bucket list trip. You will have a ball with my group of people and meet many other like-minded people.

Who wants to go?hank you for trusting me and Lets Wander Travel with all your vacation dreams!

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